Heres Four Guaranteed Ways to Earn Bitcoins Online

Earn Free Bitcoins Online, Ways To Get Free Bitcoins, Tasks For BitcoinsBitcoin, the gold standard of cryptocurrencies, has substantially gained value over the past few months. As a result, interest in ways to generate free bitcoins online has skyrocketed. 

In response, I have written this short informational post on three guaranteed ways to earn free bitcoins online.

#1 Completing Tasks For Bitcoins

Similar to other PPC sites such as Clixsense, which pays cash in exchange for completing tasks. Websites such as ? reward users in bitcoins for a clicking advertisements, answering survey questions, watching videos, or visiting websites. One advantage of this model over traditional cash payment models is that you don't have to go through the verification processes required with conventional ways of receiving payments on websites like Payza and Paypal. Instead, all you need is your cryptocurrency wallet information and payments are generally instant (depending on the block). 

Heres a few to get you started:

#2 Bitcoin Faucet Rewards

Bitcoin Faucets, Earn Free Bitcoins, Earn Free Bitcoins Online, Easy Free BitcoinsThis is by far one of the most used methods of earning free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online. The process simply involved visiting a website that offers a faucet, plugging in your wallets public key to receive funds, solving a CAPTCHA, or Anti-Spam box, then claiming your free satoshi. Many of these websites also offer games and quizzes to boost your earnings!

Interested in getting started? 

My favourite website for this is FreeBitCo, I would start there and then check out this complete list of currently paying cryptocurrency faucets to further increase your earnings

If you are really new to cryptocurrency faucets, check out this guide to getting started with cryptocurrency faucets

#3 Play Games For Bitcoins

There are a couple of easy games that come to mind off the top of my head. Golden-Tea is a simple browser-based game where you earn cash for growing virtual leaves. It was launched as a fun way to generate passive income. You literally just need to plant your bushes, harvest the leaves, then sell them for gold. Gold can be exchanged for cash or bitcoin. It is a Russian based and has operated for over 2 years and 6 months with a large membership. The bigger your garden, the more potential to earn.
The second game is also browser-based and is a newly launched take on bitcoin faucets and mining. Four Vikings allows you to lay siege to castles for gold, or mine “Hashesh” which you can trade for silver. Advancement comes in the form of upgrading your characters weapons and armory which allow you to be rewarded with more gold! However, as I said, the game is relatively new and will most likely involve many future updates. Once you collect enough gold, you can trade it for payment via Bitcoin or cash.
Play Games For Bitcoins, Earn Bitcoins Playing Online Games, Earn Bitcoins Online

#4 Bitcoin Gambling/Dice Sites

If you are looking more into the gambling “games” then Prime Dice is a good dice game allowing you to auto-roll and claim 0.000001 BTC to wage EVERY time your balance is at 0. While 999 Dice , in their own words:
“pays 99.9%. That's a house edge of only 0.1%.It was inspired by others, and intended to be even simpler - as simple as possible! Just betting. That's it.But their house edge is a full 1%, and ours is 0.1%. That's not a statistical difference of 0.9%... it is a statistical difference of 900% (10 times closer to "perfect equality"!)”
Gamble For Bitcoins Online, Free Bitcoins Gambling, Earn Bitcoins Online

For poker players, BitToker is a new up and coming poker website offering the ability to play directly in your internet browser. They are currently offering a 125% bonus on your first deposit. As many bitcoin poker players will know, finding websites that offer an adequate pool of players can be difficult. They generally have about 70–80 people playing at tables, so this can also offer a good way to expand your player-base.
Many of the gambling sites will give you a balance to begin with or have a faucet on their website to keep you replenished. I know, the amounts might be small, but with that right tactics and a little luck and just might bring home the big bucks. Plus the dice games are easy to get the hang of as a cryptocurrency introductory game.

In Conclusion

Overall, the rise of Bitcoin has offered a variety of ways from traditional business models to adapt in order to meet the consumer supply. While many of these, tactics will manage to bring you have a little Bitcoins, I wouldn't bank on them for retirement. However, If done right, you can create a good passive income by combining a mixture of each method.  No matter your method, there has never been a more exciting and well paid time for web activities.

Happy Earnings!

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